Valken Signs Giant Sponsorship Deal, Becomes Official Paintball of the NPPL

Valken Official Paint of the NPPL

Valken signs Giant Sponsorship deal, becomes Official Paintball of the NPPL

Valken has become the dominant force in Paintball through hard work, dedication and passion for the game. Valken’s attitude, approach and understanding of the sport is second to none and is why NPPL feels they are the perfect strategic partner for the League. It’s this understanding that sets Valken apart from other Paintball manufactures in the game. They go the extra mile to ensure players have quality paintballs to play at the highest level. NPPL is proud to say Valken will be the exclusive Paintball for NPPL events. We are confident that Valken will provide the highest quality paintballs. Tournament Paintballs that mark well, shoot straight and break on target. Valken paintballs will be competitively priced for NPPL members only. Call Valken to reserve your paintballs today. Sponsorship inquires always welcome.

Andy Potter or (479)283-1522

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