NPPL continues transition to the new governing body

NPPL continues transition to the new governing body

As was previously announced, the NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL PAINTBALL LEAGUE is stepping out of event promotions and operations business and focusing on paintball tournament sanctioning, rules and referee training.

PB Promotions has taken over the running of the national level events and after a successful New England Open event is looking forward to a great rest of 2013 and beyond.

The NPPL started as a players league back in 1992 where the rules and guidelines were created and enforced by the tournament paintball players. People like Jerry Braun, Bob Long, Tom Cole, Chuck Hendsch, Renick Miller, Steve Davidson, Billy and Adam Gardner were among many players that ran the league and worked hard on rules, format and guidelines for tournament play. The NPPL set the standard back in the 90′s and has been raising the bar ever since.

Today the NPPL is working with PB Promotions to create better events. PB Promotions will handle all of the logistics and set up of NPPL National events. The NPPL remains the sanctioning body for the sport. A new rules committee will be appointed at the Chicago NPPL event. The rules committee is dedicated to reviewing rules, formats and player rankings. If anyone is interested in serving on the rules committee please email Chuck Hendsch at

As the NPPL continues to make this transition it will be selling off existing turf, poles, netting and paintball event equipment. If anyone is interested in purchasing used equipment or fields please contact Chuck Hendsch at

The NPPL welcomes this new change and looks forward to providing better service and support of paintball players worldwide. Next NPPL stop is the Windy City Open, Chicago Illinois at Paintball Explosion.

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