2013 NPPL Pro Division

2013 NPPL Pro Division

2013 NPPL Surf City USA Open

2013 NPPL Pro Team division is set at 15 teams. Over the off-season the NPPL has seen a new stream of up and coming talent in the pro player ranks. Like in any other sport players get older and retire while new young players take over. The NPPL Pro 7 man format caters to the new player as the format is very dynamic, methodical and strategic. Today’s 7 man player must be smarter, have more skill and above be a team player in order to play the S7 Format. This season will mark the beginning of a new era for Pro 7 Man teams and players as they compete for big cash and the coveted NPPL World Series Title.

NPPL 2013 Pro Teams:

1. San Diego Dynasty
2. DC Arsenal
3. San Antonio X Factor
4. Vancouver Vendetta
5. San Francisco Explicit
6. New England Avalanche
7. Portland Uprising
8. Phoenix Contact
9. Camp Pendleton Raiders
10. New Orleans Warped Army
11. Orange County Flashpoint
12. Philadelphia Energy
13. Fort Wayne Outlaws
14. Buffalo Crush
15. LA Paintball Gateway

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